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    9.3 Reform design, planning and implementation

Based on the dialogue, the government, with support of development partners, will design and prioritize reform initiatives, including where appropriate the development of a reform strategy or action plan. (Further guidance is provided in Volume IV of the PEFA Handbook: Using PEFA to support PFM reform.)

Government with support of development partners   PEFA Handbook Volume I – The PEFA Assessment Process
  9.4 Review and approval of reform plans and initiatives

Following consideration and any amendments, the government should approve the PFM reform action plan.

At this time the government should also identify its priorities as well as a mechanism for monitoring implementation (see Step 10)

Government with support of development partners    
10 Monitoring and follow-up 10.1 Monitor PFM reform progress over time using PEFA

The government (through the MoF or other central agency) can use PEFA indicators and dimensions to measure PFM reform progress over time

The government should appoint someone to be responsible for monitoring implementation of the action plan and reporting back

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  10.2 Review and refine actions

Regular reports should be prepared by those responsible for implementing reforms (in accordance with the action plan).

These should include preparation of regular updates (e.g. quarterly or half- yearly) for the government.

Develop proposed follow-up activities including subsequent PEFA assessments

Reform plan action officers;