Box 4: Data required for tracking performance changes from a previous assessment

Tracking performance changes where the previous assessment used PEFA 2011 or PEFA 2005. Tracking changes over time needs to apply the same methodology as the previous assessment. Where the previous assessment used an earlier version of PEFA (i.e., PEFA 2011 or PEFA 2005), a direct comparison of scores with PEFA 2016 will not be possible because of changes to measurement and scoring of indicators and dimensions.

Tracking changes using PEFA 2016

When applied for the first time, the PEFA 2016 Framework establishes a new baseline for subsequent PEFA assessments. Therefore, the future successive assessments will not require reference to an earlier PEFA version and the changes can be explained using only the current and previous scores and narrative explanations. To track performance changes since previous assessment using current data, prepare a separate annex to compare scores and provide brief explanation of changes applying PEFA 2011 or PEFA 2005.

Further information is provided in Annex 4 of Volume III Guidance on reporting performance changes in PEFA 2016 from previous assessments that applied PEFA 2005 or PEFA 2011.

3.3. Prepare schedule/agenda for the field work


The field work in relevant host country institutions will be coordinated through the assessment manager and/or oversight team. An itinerary setting out the timetable for meetings, names and positions of stakeholders to be interviewed, topics, key issues and questions to be addressed, and requests for supplementary data, should be agreed with the host country before the start of field visits.

It is recommended that the PEFA assessment be planned and conducted within a short time period. Otherwise, the assessment loses relevance and consumes extra resources. Nevertheless, the timetable included in the concept note/ToR contains sufficient flexibility to accommodate unforeseeable complications and to provide sufficient time for filling information gaps. It should also take into consideration peak periods, holidays, and cultural or religious events of significance in the country.

3.4. Specify the communication and reporting requirements

The oversight team and assessment team will set out the PEFA assessment communication and reporting requirements during the planning phase. These requirements should include periodic briefings and briefing notes from the assessment team to the oversight team as well as discussions with the oversight team and senior government officials on initial findings at the end of the field work and on delivery of the final report.


Phase One: Planning the PEFA Assessment