7.2 Response to peer review and comments matrix

The initial draft report should be refined in response to comments. The revised draft assessment report must be accompanied by a separate matrix setting out peer- review comments and the assessment team’s response.

Following the initial peer review, some assessments may also conduct a validation workshop where the government, and sometimes development partners, can provide their comments to the draft report.

The draft report discussions may also coincide with additional in-country meetings to discuss details and explain the conclusions reached by the assessors as well as addressing any remaining gaps in data collection or verification.

7.3 Revised draft submitted to peer reviewers for follow-up review

Once the revised draft report is completed, the review matrix is finalized by the assessment team and the draft report and separate matrix of peer- review comments with assessment team responses is submitted to peer-reviewers for follow-up comments. Ten business days should be allowed for the follow-up review.


After follow-up review, validation and refinement, the PEFA report will be presented as a final report to the government. Governments are expected to publish their reports in the interests of transparency and to encourage dialogue on development and implementation of further reforms. Most PEFA reports are published and copies are also made available on the PEFA website when the Secretariat is informed that the government has approved publication

8.1 Presentation of final draft PEFA report to Government

Presentation of the final report by the assessment team or report sponsors to the government is often accompanied by a briefing arranged with the assessment team, oversight team, senior government officials and development partners. Sometimes governments hold a dissemination workshop with a wider audience to explain the key report messages and outline their response and proposed follow-up action.

The presentation of the final report provides the opportunity to commence a dialogue on the need for, and sequencing of, further reform initiatives (see step 9).

8.2 Submission of final draft report to PEFA Secretariat (PEFA Check)

The assessment manager initiates request for the PEFA Check endorsement as part of a formal quality assurance process, managed by the PEFA Secretariat. Awarding of the PEFA Check is subject to meeting the criteria and process set out in annex 1.2. The PEFA Check endorsement is issued by the PEFA Secretariat.

8.3 Government approval of final PEFA report

Following the PEFA Check, the final report is provided to the government for approval. The final  report is owned by the government, not the sponsor, development partner or the assessment team.

8.4 Publication of the final PEFA report

Acceptance of the final report is expected to be followed by public release on the government website and often a dissemination event involving interested organizations and officials. The government’s willingness to publish will often be affected by the extent of its involvement in the process and acceptance of the report findings. The likelihood of publication can be enhanced if a PFM reform follow- up program has


PEFA Handbook Volume 1: The PEFA Assessment Process – Planning, Managing and Using PEFA