long-term obligations. This information can be either incorporated into financial reports in a modified cash or accrual-based system, or presented by way of notes or ad hoc reports, as is often done in a cashbased system. The usefulness of reports depends on whether they are compiled after the clearance of any suspense accounts and after advance and bank account reconciliation, as assessed in PI-27.

29.1:2. Budgetary units’ reports could be considered for this dimension provided that a comparison with the approved budget is feasible (i.e., in details and for at least 90% of BCG expenditure) and they contain the required information.

29.1:3. In some countries, consolidation goes beyond the budgetary central government, but this would not detract from the performance rating even if there is no separate report for only the budgetary

central government. An important question is the report’s comparability with the approved budget. If information in the central government report does not permit such a comparison, then it does not meet the requirements for a C score.

29.1:4. ‘Compte de gestion’, ‘compte administratif’ and ‘compte général des administrations financières’. Names and forms of financial reports depend on what the countries use. To be considered as financial reports for this dimension, these reports must fulfill the requirements of comparability and coverage of the set of data required for each score.

29.1:5. In the PEFA report, assessors may wish to prepare a table that provides details of BCG financial reports (see table 29.1 below) to assist with scoring of dimensions 29.1 and 29.2.

Table 29.1: Financial reports of BCG

Financial report* Date annual report submitted for external audit Content of annual financial report (Y/N): Reconciled cash flow statement (Y/N)
Expenditures and revenues by economic classification Financial and non-financial assets and liabilities Guarantees and long-term obligations
*This may be a consolidated financial report or a list of financial reports from all individual BCG units.


Dimension 29.1. Timing, coverage and data requirements

Time period Coverage Data requirements/calculation Data sources
Last completed fiscal year. BCG.
  • Annual financial reports compared with the approved budget.
  • Accountant general corroborated by SAI.


PEFA Handbook Volume 1: The PEFA Assessment Process – Planning, Managing and Using PEFA