Dimension 21.2. Scoring

Score Minimum requirements for scores

A cash flow forecast is prepared for the fiscal year and is updated monthly on the basis of actual cash inflows and outflows.


A cash flow forecast is prepared for the fiscal year and is updated at least quarterly on the basis of actual cash inflows and outflows.

C A cash flow forecast is prepared for the fiscal year.
D Performance is less than required for a C score.


Dimension 21.2. Timing, coverage and data requirements

Time period Coverage Data requirements/calculation Data sources



fiscal year.

  • Evidence of the preparation of cash flow

         forecasts by a central entity and frequency of


  • MoF and/or Treasury.
  • Budgetary units.


Dimension 21.4. Significance of in-year
budget adjustments


21.4:1. This dimension assesses the frequency and transparency of adjustments to budget allocations. Governments may need to make in-year adjustments to allocations in the light of unanticipated events that affect revenues or expenditures. Specifying in advance a mechanism that relates such adjustments to budget priorities in a systematic and transparent manner minimizes the impact of adjustments on predictability and on the integrity of original budget allocations. For example, particular votes or budget lines that are declared to be high priority or poverty related may be specified as protected from adjustment. In contrast, in some systems adjustments may take place without clear rules or guidelines, or may be undertaken informally, for example, through imposition of delays on new commitments. While some budget adjustments could take place administratively with little impact on expenditure composition outturn at higher levels of aggregation in the administrative, functional and economic budget classifications, other more significant changes may alter the actual composition at such aggregated

classification levels. The significance of these adjustments is assessed in relation to the percentages specified in the PI-2 rating criteria. Rules for when the legislature should be involved in such in-year budget amendments are assessed in PI-18 and are not covered here.

21.4:2. The PEFA report narrative for this dimension should cross-reference the legislative and procedural rules for making adjustments to original budget appropriations, as covered by PI-18.4 (e.g., supplementary estimates, virements), including limits imposed on the executive—above which legislative approval is required—and whether these rules are respected. The report should provide an indication of the size of the budget adjustments in the last fiscal year, and the frequency of those adjustments.

21.4:3. The adjustments to be considered for this dimension are only those that are instigated by the MoF—or central agency with a corresponding mandate, such as the ministry of planning for capital investments—and not the virements within approved limits (in accordance with arrangements established as per PI-18) between budget lines for a single budget entity (instigated by the entity itself and typically of insignificant value).