Dimension 8.1. Timing, coverage and data requirements

Time period Coverage Data requirements/calculation Data sources
Performance indicators and planned outputs and outcomes for the next FY. CG.*
  • Published information on measurable performance indicators of outputs and outcomes for service delivery for each ministry that devotes expenditure to service delivery for the budget year.
  • Annual budget document and/or supporting budget documentation.
  • Ministry budget statements and/or performance plans.
  • Other documents on ministry service delivery plans containing performance information.
*Services managed and financed by other tiers of government should be included if the CG significantly finances such services through reimbursements or earmarked grants, or uses other tiers of government as implementing agents

​​​​​​Dimension 8.2. Performance achieved for service delivery

Dimension measurement guidance8.2:1. This dimension examines the extent to which performance results for outputs and outcomes are presented either in the executive’s budget proposal or in an annual report or other public document, in a format and at a level (program or unit) that is comparable to the plans previously adopted within the annual or medium-term budget. As with dimension 8.1, actual outputs and outcomes may be reported in annual budget documents, as a supplementary document, or separately by each ministry. 

8.2:2. For each ministry listed, and within the determined sample when relevant, the assessor will examine whether each program specifies the quantity of actual outputs produced and outcomes achieved for the most recent completed year for each program, service or function.  For a ministry to meet the requirement for this dimension, the relevant performance information must be provided for all of its service delivery programs. Table 8.3 summarizes the requirements for each score. 8.2:3. As with dimension 8.1 assessors may find it useful to summarize the information obtained on actual performance achieved in the form of table as set out in the example provided in table 8.4. 

Dimension 8.2. Scoring

Score Minimum requirements for scores
A Information is published annually on the quantity of outputs produced and outcomes achieved for most ministries disaggregated by program or function.
B Information is published annually on the quantity of outputs produced or the outcomes achieved for most ministries
C Information is published annually on the activities performed for the majority of ministries.
D Performance is less than required for a C score.


PEFA Handbook Volume 1: The PEFA Assessment Process – Planning, Managing and Using PEFA