narrative discussion of this indicator should include the evidence required for rating the dimension and a discussion of qualitative aspects of the performance of the system, such as the independence of the complaints mechanism and the protection afforded to complainants.

24.4:2. The reviewing body responsible for complaint resolution need not be separate from the procurement authority, but it must operate independently from procurement operations and not

be subject to the influence of procurement managers. Assessors should examine the legal, regulatory, and governance arrangements for the body to ensure that it has adequate independent authority to allow confidence that its decisions are not unduly influenced by procurement entities. The reviewing body may charge fees which are country specific and should be treated as such.


Dimension 24.4. Scoring

Score                  Minimum requirements for scores
Complaints are reviewed by a body that:

(1) is not involved in any capacity in procurement transactions or in the process leading to contract award


(2) does not charge fees that prohibit access by concerned parties
(3) follows processes for submission and resolution of complaints that are clearly defined and publicly available
(4) exercises the authority to suspend the procurement process
(5) issues decisions within the timeframe specified in the rules/regulations, and

(6) issues decisions that are binding on every party (without precluding subsequent access to an external higher


A    The procurement complaint system meets every criterion.
B     The procurement complaint system meets criterion (1), and three of the other criteria.
C     The procurement complaint system meets criterion (1), and one of the other criteria.
D    Performance is less than required for a C score


Dimension 24.4.Timing, coverage and data requirements

Time period Coverage Data requirements/calculation Data sources



fiscal year.

  • Legal and regulatory framework of the complaint body addressing the 146requirements of the dimension 24.4.
  • Data with number of complaints received and resolved (settled in favor of complainants and procuring entities respectively).
  • Fees charged, if any (refer criterion 2)


  • Procurement complaints body, SAI,civil society or business associationse.g., chamber of commerce).
  • Internal and external audit reports.
  • Meetings with civil society and private sector.


PEFA Handbook Volume 1: The PEFA Assessment Process – Planning, Managing and Using PEFA