Box 1: Key principles for a successful PEFA assessment 

Once a decision has been made to undertake a PEFA assessment there are a number of key principles that need to be adhered to in order to ensure a high quality, transparent assessment that will provide a credible

basis to inform the preparation or revision of a PFM reform strategy:

1. Government having ownership of the process

2. Commitment of all major stakeholders

3. Adequate planning and management of the assessment that includes:

  • stakeholder agreement to a concept note (CN) which identifies the objectives, scope, justification, management, resources (time, staff, funding) and quality assurance arrangements
  • timely and transparent selection and appointment of qualified and experienced government staff
  • if external assessors need to be hired, timely and transparent procurement of qualified and experienced assessors
  • adequate training in the use of the PEFA Framework prior to the assessment for people involved
  • compliance with the PEFA Check process of quality endorsement’ ( see PEFA Check guidelines at Annex 1.2)

4. in the case of a successive assessment, to adequately identify and explain performance changes since the previous assessment

5. Government agreement to publish the PEFA assessment report.

6. Policy dialogue on the PEFA assessment and related information should serve as a platform for development partners’ coordination and cooperation including a clear division of roles and responsibilities where they are involved in the country’s PFM performance improvement

7. A briefing or presentation to stakeholders on the completion of the assessment and PEFA report, and

8. Continuation of the dialogue following the PEFA assessment to identify the needs and priorities to improve PFM performance

2 The PEFA Check is a mechanism for confirming that the processes used in planning and implementing a PEFA assessment and preparing a PEFA report comply with good practices and the PEFA 2016 methodology. The requirements for complying with the PEFA Check should be consider early in the PEFA assessment process, i.e when preparing the concept note (see step 2) and after preparing the draft report (see step 7). It requires a peer-review process that is monitored by the PEFA Secretariat. The PEFA Check endorsement is provided by the PEFA Secretariat.