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From the Desk of the Head of PEFA Secretariat  

Summer is the best time for holidays and travel around the world. The PEFA Secretariat hopes you are enjoying the summer break with families and friends. In this video, the Head of PEFA Secretariat, Srinivas Gurazada, invites you to spare a few minutes to read the latest news from PEFA, including recent events and publications, published reports, highlighted videos and external PFM publications.

Launch of the PEFA 2022 Global Report on PFM

The PEFA Secretariat launched the PEFA 2022 Global Report on PFM during the Global Webinar "Crisis Budgeting: PFM during difficult times and beyond", organized on June 29th, 2022. The Report highlights key developments in PFM over time and across countries and discusses the significant challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has created for sustaining PFM performance. It includes a featured overview of crisis budgeting tools and trends and three case studies.

Reflecting on the PEFA 2022 Global Report on Public Financial Management

This blog published on the Governance for Development Site by Ed Olowo-Okere, Global Director, Governance Global Practice at the World Bank, highlights the importance of PEFA’s Global Report and identifies six key areas where PFM performance remains at the basic level or below, indicating the need for urgent action.