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Live from the Desk of the Head of PEFA Secretariat:  In this video, the Head of PEFA Secretariat, Srinivas Gurazada, shared updates on the upcoming Flagship PEFA training on November 8-10, 2023, in Manila, Philippines and the launch of the PFM Stocktaking of PFM Diagnostic Tools Report. He emphasizes the importance of concept note / Terms of Reference for a PEFA ++ approach while speaking about the newly published guidance on PEFA ++.


Asia PEFA Flagship Training in Manila, Philippines: Applications are now open – APPLY TODAY!

The Asian Development Bank and PEFA Secretariat are hosting the Asia PEFA Flagship Training in English in Manila, Philippines, November 8-10, 2023. PEFA assessors, representatives of governments, development partners, academia, and NGOs from Asia are encouraged to apply before August 20, 2023!  Here is a one - minute video that  describes this event.


Now Live: Stocktaking of Public Financial Management Diagnostic Tools – Global Trends and Insights: Launched by Ambassador Dominique Paravicini, Head of the Economic Development Cooperation, SECO.This flagship stocktaking provides information on a wide range of available PFM diagnostic tools and their use. The document presents a short overview and a detailed description of each of the 64 tools mapped. The published report is in two volumes. A summary of the report and links to each too are available on the Stocktaking of PFM Diagnostic Tools Website.


Resources Now Available – Concept Note Template & Guidance for PEFA + and PEFA++ Assessments: Are you planning a new PEFA Gender or PEFA Climate Assessment? Do you want to combine a PEFA 2016 assessment with one or both of these tools?  Please consult the following concept notes and term of reference:

CN/TOR PEFA Genderavailable in English

CN/TOR PEFA Climate – available in English

CN/TOR PEFA 2016 including PEFA Gender and/or PEFA Climate – available in English and French





Publication of the PEFA+ 2022 Dominican Republic National Assessment with PEFA Gender (Spanish)

dominican republic

The 2022 Dominican Republic PEFA assessment, which includes the gender-responsive PFM methodology, was requested by the Government, and led by the Ministry of Finance with the participation of the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development, and the Ministry of Women. The work was supported by the IABD and the Delegation of the European Union in Santo Domingo.  This is the fifth PEFA assessment undertaken by the Dominican Republic and examines the country’s capacity to promote and support the implementation of public policies from a gender perspective. 

PEFA National Report and Summary in Spanish

PEFA Gender Report and Summary in Spanish


Publication of the PEFA 2023 Djibouti National Assessment (French)


The 2023 PEFA National Assessment of Djibouti is the first PEFA assessment conducted in this country. It was requested by the Government of Djibouti and financed by the World Bank, the European Union, and the French Development Agency (AFD) with the collaboration of the IMF and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).  The Government will use the report’s findings in the design of its PFM reforms strategy.


Read the Report and Summary


Publication of the PEFA++ 2023 Bhutan National Assessment with PEFA Gender and PEFA Climate (English)


The 2023 National PEFA Assessment for Bhutan, along with a PEFA Gender and PEFA Climate Assessment (PEFA++), were undertaken as self-assessments by the Royal Government of Bhutan with technical support from the World Bank. The assessments were co-financed by the World Bank, the European Union, and the Austrian Development Agency.  The assessments provide a current diagnostic and status of PFM since the previous two PEFA assessments and identify key areas of PFM strengthening.

Read the full Reports and Summaries in English

National Report and Summary

Gender (GRPFM) Report and Summary

Climate (CRPFM) Report


Publication of the PEFA++ 2023 Niger National Report with PEFA Gender and PEFA Climate (French)

Niger Assessment

The 2023 National PEFA Assessment for Niger, along with a PEFA Gender and PEFA Climate Assessment (PEFA++), were requested by the Government and funded by the European Commission, the French Development Agency, UNICEF, the World Bank and the IMF. This is the fourth PEFA assessment undertaken by the Niger, but the first to include the gender and climate assessments.


Read the full Report in French

National Report and Summary

Gender Report and Summary

Climate Report







In this video interview, Srinivas Gurazada,  PEFA Secretariat discusses with Adenike Oyeyiola, Governance Global Practice at the World Bank, her perspectives on making PFM reforms work, the interaction of PFM systems with gender, climate change, and other developing areas, the emergence of women as key leaders in the PFM space, and the key role played by PEFA in the PFM community. The video is available in English.



PFM globally is benefiting from the increased number of women who are PFM practitioners. We call upon interested women to start their PFM journey with PEFA e-Learning. Please watch the video introducing this free e-learning course, its objectives, modules, and prospective audience. More details can be found on the PEFA website. The course includes a certificate upon completion. Enroll through the OLC or edX platforms.




The Future of Government: A Call to Action

The World Bank Group recognizes that the world is at an inflection point. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to deliver climate change commitments, and the rise in conflicts has amplified the need for more effective government at both the central and local level. The ideas set out in this framework propose a “reimagined government” that would cut through bureaucratic complexity. The framework proposes a few simple actions for governments to take, and key questions that stakeholders in and out of government can collectively consider.

Of interest to those working on:

Pillar 4: Policy-Based Fiscal Strategy & Budgeting


Making Debt Public Debt—Ongoing Initiatives and Reform Options

This IMF paper develops and assesses options to improve public debt transparency. It examines the factors hindering transparency, including capacity and governance gaps, and borrower and creditor incentives. The paper provides a high-level overview of existing initiatives to improve public debt transparency, identifies priorities for progress and policy gaps, and presents and analyzes the merits of a range of options to improve transparency.

Of interest to those working on:

Pillar 2: Transparency of Public Finances


How Can Accounting Reformulate the Debate on Natural Capital and Help Implement Its Ecological Approach?

This AFD research paper demonstrates that the mainstream use of natural capital is incompatible with an ecological approach. It argues that accounting is relevant for reformulating the debate around natural capital and implementing an alternative approach that works from an ecological perspective. The paper proposes linking accounting practices as understood by corporate stakeholders to ecological requirements.

Of interest to those working on:

PEFA Climate


Building Financial Resilience to Climate Impacts - A Framework for Governments to Manage the Risks of Losses and Damages

Governments are facing significant climate-related risks from the expected increase in the frequency and intensity of cyclones, floods, fires, and other climate-related extreme events. This report provides a strategic framework to help governments, particularly those in emerging market and developing economies, strengthen their capacity to manage the financial implications of climate-related risks. The goal of the framework is to support sound PFM reform strategies that recognize budgetary and financing constraints, and to foster policy reforms at the national and international level.

Of interest to those working on:

Pillar 3: Management of Assets & Liabilities

PEFA Climate



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