2.3. Specific guidance scoring for each indicator and dimension

The remainder of Part 2 provides detailed guidance on the scoring of each indicator. Guidance on assessment of PFM performance in the PEFA report is provided in Part 3 of this document.

TABLE 2:: Composition of PEFA pillars, indicators, and dimensions


I. Budget reliability

Budget reliability



1. Aggregate expenditure outturn

1.1 Aggregate expenditure outturn

2. Expenditure composition outturn

2.1 Expenditure composition outturn by function

2.2 Expenditure composition outturn by economic type

2.3 Expenditure from contingency reserves

3. Revenue outturn

3.1 Aggregate revenue outturn

3.2 Revenue composition outturn

II. Transparency of public finances

Transparency of public finances


4. Budget classification

4.1 Budget classification

5. Budget documentation

5.1 Budget documentation

6. Central government operations outside financial reports

6.1 Expenditure outside financial reports

6.2 Revenue outside financial reports

6.3 Financial reports of extrabudgetary units

7. Transfers to subnational governments

7.1 System for allocating transfers

7.2 Timeliness of information on transfers

8. Performance information for service delivery

8.1 Performance plans for service delivery

8.2 Performance achieved for service delivery

8.3 Resources received by service delivery units

8.4 Performance evaluation for service delivery

9. Public access to fiscal information

9.1 Public access to fiscal information

III. Management of assets and liabilities

Management of assets and liabilities


10. Fiscal risk reporting

10.1 Monitoring of public corporations

10.2 Monitoring of subnational governments

10.3 Contingent liabilities and other fiscal risks

11. Public investment management

11.1 Economic analysis of investment proposals

11.2 Investment project selection

11.3 Investment project costing

11.4 Investment project monitoring

12. Public asset management

12.1 Financial asset monitoring

12.2 Nonfinancial asset monitoring

12.3 Transparency of asset disposal

13. Debt management

13.1 Recording and reporting of debt and guarantees

13.2 Approval of debt and guarantees

13.3 Debt management strategy