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There is a growing recognition that crises like the COVID-19 pandemic impacts men and women differently.  In many parts of the world, women have been losing their jobs at twice the rate compared to men. More women are in frontline healthcare jobs than men which put them at a higher risk of exposure. Governments’ responses to COVID-19 need to adequately take gender considerations into account for an inclusive and sustainable recovery. This includes the understanding that government budgetary decisions and the public financial management (PFM) systems that underpin them also affect men and women differently.

A new Blog on emerging trends in Gender Public Finances from PEFA perspective is published on the occasion of the International Women's Day 2021.

From the Blog you  can learn more about :

  • The Recent analysis of governments’ budget measures in response to COVID-19, conducted by UNDP and UN Women, demonstrating that most measures lack gender sensitivity. 
  • The developed Supplementary framework on assessing gender responsive PFM (GRPFM) by the Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) Programme.
  • Which countries have conducted PEFA gender assessments and how the governments integrate gender in PFM in different ways.
  • How Gender responsive PFM helps create a more inclusive society where everyone can participate in the economic and social development of their country.


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Contact PEFA Secretariat to share your own experiences and questions in GRPFM or to indicate your interest in using the PEFA gender assessment: services@pefa.org