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NEW BLOG on IMF’s  Public Financial Management Blog Site

Posted by Silvia Kirova, Srinivas Gurazada and Richard Allen


The blog “Is PFM Performance Improving?” published on the IMF’s  Public Financial Management Blog Site reflects on the frequently asked question by researchers and experts, whether PEFA scores show an improvement or a decline in overall PFM performance over the last two decades. The simple answer to the question, is yes, average PFM performance has improved moderately and there are opportunities for further accelerating the pace of reforms.


To learn more about the conclusions and key messages visit the IMF PFM BLOG SITE.


The authors encourage researchers to conduct more detailed analysis of the substantial and expanding volume of data on PFM performance, using PEFA data that can be accessed on PEFA  Assessments Portal and the 2022 Global Report on Public Financial Management available in EnglishFrench and Spanish.

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