Supplementary Framework for Assessing Gender Responsive Public Financial Management: What You Need to Know

This brochure provides a summary of key characteristics of the Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) supplementary framework for assessing
gender responsive public financial management (GRPFM). 

The PEFA GRPFM framework—is a set of supplementary indicators that builds on the PEFA framework to collect information on the degree to which a country’s public financial management (PFM) system addresses the government’s goals with regard to acknowledging different needs of men and women, and different subgroups of these categories, and promoting gender equality.

PEFA GRPFM: What You Need to Know (English)

PEFA GFPSG: Ce que vous devez savoir (Français)

PEFA GFPPG: Lo que hay que saber (Español)

PEFA GFPSG: O que deve saber (Português)