Stocktake of PFM Diagnostic Tools 2016

This study is the third in a series of studies of PFM diagnostic tools undertaken by the PEFA Program. The primary aim of the study is to provide governments and their development partners with information to support the selection of an assessment tool – or a combination of tools – that fits with the needs in a particular country at a given time. It makes no specific recommendations as to such selection.  

The study may also be useful to researchers and other stakeholders who are looking for information on PFM systems features and performance in one or a group of countries. It identifies the range of tools available for assessing PFM systems as a basis for developing and monitoring reform plans and thus strengthening PFM processes and indicates the key characteristics of 45 individual tools used internationally. Moreover, the study highlights developments in the number and nature of PFM diagnostic tools in use since the previous stocktake in 2010.

Stocktake of PFM Diagnostic Tools 2016 (English)