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Public Investment Management Handbook for Capacity Development

This Handbook is the outcome of the collective effort of many officials and experts who have experience and expertise in public investment…

Other Guidance

PEFA Check: Quality Endorsement of PEFA Assessments (January 2018)

The new guidelines for PEFA Check as of January 1, 2018.


A Guide to PFM Diagnostic Tools

To provide an easy overview for stakeholders, a short ‘Guide to PFM Diagnostic Tools’ has been prepared - as an extract of the main report on ‘…


Stocktake of PFM Diagnostic Tools 2016

This study is the third in a series of studies of PFM diagnostic tools undertaken by the PEFA Program. The primary aim of the study is to provide…

Other Publications

Political Economy of Public Financial Management Reforms: Experiences and Implications for Dialogue and Operational Engagement

Using fiscal resources to achieve results is critical for equitable development. Accordingly, many countries have sought to strengthen their PFM…