Moldova GRPFM 2022 /Gender Annex/


The annex to the PEFA Moldova national report was prepared by the UN Women team, with financial support from Sweden, based on the results of the Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) Assessment of Gender Responsive Public Financial Management (GRPFM). The main goal was to assess the degree to which a country’s public financial management (PFM) system addresses the government’s goals with regard to acknowledging different needs of men and women, different subgroups of these categories, and promoting gender equality. The assessment was conducted together with the PEFA assessment led by the World Bank, financing was provided by the EU and in-kind contribution by the government.

This assessment of gender responsive public financial management (GRPFM) of the government has been conducted using the Supplementary Framework of Assessing Gender Responsive Public Financial Management. The purpose of the PEFA supplementary assessment of gender responsive budgeting (GRB) is to collect information on the extent to which gender is mainstreamed in Moldova’s public financial management (PFM) system and establish a baseline for further development and assessments. Moldova has taken some initial steps in mainstreaming gender, so the assessment results are expected to facilitate the measurement of progress and prioritize next steps as part of a broader strategy to improve the PFM system.

The PEFA GRPFM assessment was carried out as part of the World Bank-led PEFA assessment from July to November 2021. UN Women, with financial support from Sweden, partnered with the World Bank in Moldova to support the government and the Ministry of Finance in conducting the comprehensive PEFA Assessment. While the World Bank (WB) led the overall assessment, UN Women was responsible for the GRPFM part. This report was compiled using the PEFA GRB framework.