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The World Bank’s Governance Global Practice

in collaboration with

Health, Nutrition and Population Global Practice and Global Financing Facility

invite you to:

Universal Health Coverage (UHC) Day Knowledge Event

Public Financial Management for UHC2030:

Global Directors’ Conversations

(Launching FinHealth tool and PFM for UHC2030 Policy Note)


FRIDAY December 11, 2020 | 7:15Am – 8:15Am




Muhammad Ali Pate

Global Director,
Health, Nutrition and Population Global Practice and Global Financing Facility

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Edward Olowo-Okere
Global Director,
Governance Global Practice

Reflections by

Vishal Gujadhur

Deputy Director, Development Policy and Finance, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation





As countries move forward on the path towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC), there is an urgency to not only enhance the investments in health sector,  but to also maximize health service delivery results. Furthermore, COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a major change in health spending and highlighted the importance of strategic allocation and efficient spending of public funds. Improving the quality and efficacy of Public Financial Management (PFM) is critical for making progress towards the goal of UHC and enhancing service delivery results.


Health, Nutrition and Population (HNP) Global Practice, Governance Global Practice and Global Financing Facility (GFF) are collaborating within the World Bank as well as globally with other partners to support client countries achieve health outcomes more effectively by strengthening  governance and PFM systems. Health Financing Global Solutions Group (GSG) of HNP GP and PFM-PIM GSG of Governance GP are working very closely towards a whole of government approach towards PFM reforms impacting health sector. The conversations between the Global Directors  around UHC presents an opportunity for an integrated approach towards resolving health challenges globally from a governance lens in the context of COVID-19 pandemic.


The event includes launch and introduction to two key products:

  1. FinHealth, the PFM in Health tool for improving service delivery developed jointly by HNP Global Practice and Governance Global Practice in collaboration with Bill Gates and Melinda Foundation; and
  2. Global Policy note on ‘Public financial management for universal health coverage: why and how it matters’ produced under the Financial Management Technical Working Group under UHC2030 partnership, bringing together countries, multilateral health organizations, civil society, private sector and foundations.

The conversation between the Global Directors would be followed  by ‘comment cum question’ by experts from HNP GP and Governance GP including (i) Tekabe Ayalew Belay, Practice Leader (co-TTL FinHealth)- TBC, (ii) Sarah Alkenbrack, Senior Economist (Health Financing GSG), (iii) Mirja Channa Sjoblom, Senior Economist (GFF),  (iv)  Saw Young (Sandy) Min, Governance Specialist and an open house Questions & Answers.        







7:15 – 7:20 am

Welcome and introduction of speakers

Facilitator (Srinivas Gurazada, Head, PEFA Secretariat

7:20 – 7:25 am

Presentation & launch of PFM for UHC2030 Policy Note

Adenike Oyeyiola (Chair, FMTWG of UHC2030)

7:25- 7:30 am

Presentation & launch of FinHealth, PFM in Health for Service Delivery Tool

Manoj Jain (Team Leader, FinHealth)

7:30- 7:35 am

Reflections on the emerging importance of Public Financial Management in Health Sector

Vishal Gujadhur, Bill Gates and Melinda Foundation

7:35- 8:10am

Conversations between Global Directors & interventions by governance and health experts

Muhammad Pate &

Ed Olowo-Okere (Global Directors)

8:10- 8:15am

Summary of events and closing

Toomas Palu (Joint Lead, UHC2030 Core Team)


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Meeting number:  180 053 9682

Meeting password: PTwa2sTZV22



For more information, please contact Natanee Thawesaengskulthai.