The PEFA Secretariat participated in the Vietnam PEFA Assessment 2013 dissemination workshop that took place on July 5, in Nha Trang, Vietnam. The dissemination workshop, led by the Government of Vietnam (GoV) and attended by over 60 officials and Development Partners, discussed the report and its key findings, and also the way forward in view of the international good practices associated with the performance indicators.

The Vietnam PEFA assessment was essentially a self-assessment by the GoV supported by the World Bank, with the assistance of an external consultant. The findings have been validated through a thorough Quality Assurance process, which, in addition to the PEFA Secretariat, involved independent peer reviewers from and commissioned by the World Bank and other Development Partners.

It was generally agreed that the report will provide a sound basis for determining what further reforms are needed in Vietnam's PFM arrangements, and will also constitute an essential part of the results framework to monitor reform progress. The finalization of the assessment is timely, as it will inform MoF of the reform action plan which is under preparation in terms of prioritization of reforms and setting the results baseline. MoF has also indicated it might repeat the assessment process in a few years to track the reform progress overtime.