PEFA Newsflash
November 2020
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INTRODUCING - Srinivas Gurazada, new Head of PEFA Secretariat

PEFA Secretariat congratulates and welcomes Srinivas Gurazada (Srini) on his competitive selection and appointment as the new Head of the Secretariat. Srini, and Indian national, worked in the Africa region as well as Global Unit of the World Bank prior to his selection as head of PEFA Secretariat. He is the Global Lead for Public Financial Management at the World Bank.


PEFA Virtual Open House

The PEFA Secretariat held the second edition of the PEFA Open House on October 20, 21 and 22, 2020. 250 participants attended the virtual sessions on PEFA Gender, PEFA for subnational governments and PEFA Climate. All presentations in English, French and Spanish are accessible here.

Global Report on Public Financial Management

The PEFA Secretariat will launch the very first Global Report on Public Financial Management shortly. We will organize specific online events. Stay tuned!

Provide comments and feedback on PEFA products!

The PEFA Secretariat launched a public consultation on different PEFA products we are pilot testing: AgilePEFA guidance; revised guidance for subnational governments; and PEFA Climate Framework (available in four languages). Have a close look and feel free to provide your comments by contacting us at 

Interested in pilot testing PEFA Climate? Let us know!
The first PEFA Climate assessment is ongoing in Samoa. Other assessments are under preparation in Southern Europe, Eastern Africa and Latin America. If your government would like to know more about piloting PEFA Climate, contact 

Interested in pilot testing the upgraded version of PEFA for Subnational governments? Reach out!
This substantially revised version has already been used in different settings all over the world: eight counties in Hunan province, China, Mexico city, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. An assessment just started in the Brussels region and the province of San Juan in Argentina. Preliminary discussions are ongoing in Eastern Europe, Central Africa, Southern Africa, and South East Asia. If your government would like to know more about piloting PEFA for Subnational governments, contact