PEFA Newsflash
May 2021
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Interested in joining a PEFA training?   

The PEFA Secretariat will deliver training sessions open to all from Monday June 28 to Thursday July 1, 2021. You can join in English or French at 8:00 AM (EST), or in Spanish at 10:00 AM (EST). A second session in English is offered for Asia and Pacific from June 27 to 30 at 8:00 PM (EST). 

Ready to register for a session in English? Click here.
If you are in Asia or Pacific, click on this link.
En français ici ! En español Aquí !

The training will cover: 
- Basic elements of PEFA methodology, outcomes, pillars, indicators, and dimensions
- Management of the PEFA assessment process
- How to use PEFA for PFM improvement
- PEFA supplementary frameworks: Gender, Climate


PEFA is going mobile  

Access and read PEFA guidance directly on your tablet or phone! You can now conveniently read the PEFA 2016 framework, guidance on the PEFA assessment process Assessment Field guide, and How to use PEFA for PFM improvement directly from your tablet or your phone. 
Check the mobile guidance in Mobile Documents. More information is available on PEFA website

Do you want to know more about sub-national PEFA experiences?  

Watch the recorded video on "PFM Systems at Subnational Levels: PEFA Lens” from 25 March 2021 (English). Summary and presentations are also available.

Curious about “How to make participatory budgeting a more effective and inclusive mechanism for service delivery and beyond”? 

Watch the recorded video on "Participatory Budgeting for Service Delivery and Beyond" from 3 May 2021 (English). Key Messages and presentation are also available.

Interested to hear about the latest trends in PFM?
Learn more from the webinars that launched PEFA's Global Report on PFM