Prof. Dr. Gabriele Buchholz from Osnabrueck University of Applied Sciences shares her experience in using PEFA to improve PFM systems based on existing PEFA reports. Considering the comprehensiveness and clear approach in PEFA Framework and in order to analyze the transition from Public Financial Administration to Public Financial management Systems, the development of  PEFA Assessments in four municipalities in Germany was initiated.

Using PEFA Structure and Indicators and applying the International Standards helped in the analysis of the weaknesses of the PFM systems in the municipalities and in the decisions taken how to improve them. The PEFA Assessments for the four Municipalities are now published on PEFA Website: Germany Bad Laer Municipality 2018, Germany Osnabrueck City 2018, Germany Osnabrueck District 2018, Germany Westerkappeln Municipality 2019.

In the interview are highlighted the Objectives to carry out the assessments, decisions taken, results and outcomes, lessons learned, planned reforms and next steps. Improvement of relationships with Politicians, civil society and other stakeholders is crucial for the further development of the PFM Reforms.




The interview is also available in French and Spanish.