Have you ever used PEFA Framework and the PEFA Guidance on: The PEFA Assessment Process, The PEFA Assessment Fieldguide, Using PEFA for PFM improvement?  These are key resources used by assessment managers, assessment teams, government officials and development partners. Most of the users need them at any time: in the office, while travelling, in meetings, during the field work.


Mobile documents

Now PEFA Secretariat is providing these documents on your palm and is delighted to announce the launch of the mobile versions of the PEFA Framework and the PEFA Handbook Volumes on: The PEFA Assessment Process, The PEFA Assessment Fieldguide, Using PEFA for PFM improvement.


Why a mobile documentation?  

Mobile documentation is the process of moving from paper based workflow to digital project management. Having the documentation on your tablet or any mobile device, is even more convenient and user friendly, allowing to save time and improve work quality.

What are the advantages?   

  • It brings a core function of a computing environment to mobile
  • You always have all the necessary documents at your disposal
  • The information from the documents could be cut and incorporated into reports or automatically stored
  • Mobile scan can be used to scan the documents
  • Information could be easily shared
  • Workflow efficiency is increased
  • Time and work management are improved

How to find the mobile documents on PEFA website?

Opening any of the four documents from a mobile device, the option MOBILE VERSION appears. Clicking on this option will lead to the Content of the document that allows to choose the subtitle or page to be navigated.




The documents are available also  under the Resources/Catalog/Mobile Documents

Mobile documents

More about the documents:

Assessment managers are guided by Volume I of the Handbook: The PEFA Assessment Process, which sets the key steps, tasks, responsibilities, and timelines in planning and preparing a PEFA assessment. Volume II: The PEFA Assessment Fieldguide, is used extensively by assessment teams as it provides detailed measurement guidance on all indicators and dimensions. Using PEFA for PFM improvement, provides guidance to governments and development partners on how to use the findings of the PEFA assessments as part of a stakeholder dialogue to develop and sequence PFM reform initiatives.


The goal of these mobile versions is to provide PEFA users an optimal and user-friendly access on all mobile devices by presenting and supporting navigating information in a web-native and responsive format. We hope you like the mobile versions integrated in the website and find it easy to access.

For any questions, suggestions, feedback, or comments, please E-mail us at services@pefa.org.


Thank You!


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