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The recent Blog “Budget execution in the education sector and why it matters”, published on the World Bank Education for Global Development Blog site, presents the importance of understanding budget execution as underspending and overspending of allocated education budgets, which can indicate broader challenges in efficiently delivering education services and pertinent challenges in the PFM system. 

It highlights the following important topics:


  • Research on the link between PFM and service delivery is limited, but from the evidence available could be concluded that improved PFM performance, how governments manage resource allocation, and the benefits of increased budget predictability have a limited but positive impact on education service delivery outcomes.


  • Reveals what is known about budget execution in education, based on the reviews of education PERs between 2015 and 2021 and analysis of PEFA assessments conducted between 2016 and 2022.


  • The implications for education and beyond, while exploring the reasons behind the executed share of the allocated budget opens a window to understand whether systems are set up to implement budgets effectively and to pinpoint whether bottlenecks are present in the execution stage or elsewhere in the budget cycle.


To learn more and read the full article visit the World Bank Education for Global Development Blog Site