Supplementary Framework for Assessing Gender Responsive Public Financial Management

The supplementary framework for assessing gender responsive public financial management facilitates the collection of information to assess the extent to which countries’ public financial management (PFM) systems respond to differing needs of men and women, and subgroups within these categories. 

The framework has nine indicators distributed across the budget cycle and can be applied at both national and subnational levels.

The framework document includes guidance for assessment teams on how to apply the framework. 

The guidance introduces the framework and provides information on the definition and objectives of gender responsive PFM assessment. It provides an overview of the context and key trends in the application of GRPFM and presents detailed measurement guidance including clarifications and definitions for a set of key questions to assess a country’s performance in applying gender considerations to its PFM systems, processes, and institutions. 

The guidance also includes country case studies highlighting examples of the use of gender responsive PFM in various countries and regions around the world.

GRPFM Framework (English)

Cadre Complémentaire pour L’évaluation de la Gestion des Finances Publiques Sensible au Genre (Français)

Marco Complementario Para La Evaluación De La Gestión De Las Finanzas Públicas Con Perspectiva De Género (Español)

Quadro Complementar Para Avaliar A Gestão Das Finanças Públicas Sensível Ao Género (Português)

Automated Excel Charts_Scores_PEFA_Gender (English)

Graphiques Excel automatisés_Scores_PEFA Genre (Français)