The PEFA Steering Committee Meeting was held on December 13-14, 2023, at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Headquarters in Washington D.C. with the participation of all PEFA partners. It was chaired by Carolina Renteria and Cigdem Aslan, Division Chiefs from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

During the meeting the PEFA Secretariat reported on the achievements for the CY2023 and PEFA Phase 5.

PEFA Steering Committee expressed satisfaction over the successful completion of Phase 5 of the PEFA program and the official launch of Phase 6 during the WBG-IMF Spring Meetings. The calendar year 2023 was highlighted by the publication of the PEFA Charter, establishing the Advisory Board that started its work, and the publication and promotion through hosting a major event as well as creating an interactive website to navigate the latest Stocktaking of PFM Tools Report, the publication of the Guidance for Subnational Government PEFA Assessments, the PEFA Pocket Guide to easily reference PEFA resources on the go etc. The PEFA Flagship Training in Manila, global webinars on PEFA for Fiduciary, Green Public Procurement and all other events organized by PEFA Secretariat reached more than four thousand PEFA experts promoting the PEFA program, guidance, and publications.

Interesting presentations delivered by guest presenters in PEFA Steering Committee meeting demonstrated the benefits of the application of PEFA and the importance of coordinating the usage of all tools. These included presentations on IMF Fiscal Risks Tool Kit, the USAID experience in using PEFA at the Sub-national level based on findings documented in PEFA assessment reports, and the Global Fund’s innovative and effective use of PEFA data in health sector.  

The work plan and budgets for PEFA activities were approved by the PEFA Steering Committee during the steering committee meeting.

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The PEFA Steering Committee meets twice a year. It is composed of representatives of the following PEFA partners: the European Commission, International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Development Agency (AFD), Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic, and the Ministry of Finance of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.

The PEFA Steering Committee is responsible for: (a) providing overall strategic guidance and direction on the implementation of the PEFA program; (b) deciding on operational strategies and procedures; (c) approving annual work plans and budgets proposed by the PEFA Secretariat; (d) reviewing the progress in the implementation of approved activities; and (e) establishing working groups or subcommittees to assist in the technical and specific non-technical aspects of developing and maintaining the PEFA program.

The PEFA Secretariat is responsible for implementing the Steering Committee’s policies and approved work plans; delivering agreed services to the PEFA partner organizations and to other stakeholders as agreed by program policies; and reporting to the Steering Committee on progress of activities and progress against results targets.