The Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability Program (PEFA) Presents:

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Global Webinar

PEFA Fiduciary: Country PFM through a Fiduciary Lens

9:00 am – 10:30 am Washington DC

3:00 pm – 4:30 pm Paris

9:00 pm – 10:30 pm Manila

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Fiduciary assurance from a development partner lens is the process that involves assessing the fiduciary risk of financial support not being used for the intended or agreed upon purpose and  the degree to which  reliance on existing country systems to ensure achievement of development objectives of the financial support provided is possible. To make this assessment, the development agencies have in place different methodologies both aligned with the institutional consideration of fiduciary risk and the identification of mitigation measures that may include identification of actions to strengthen such systems and institutions. 
PEFA assessments have been used as input for this fiduciary work with variations in different aspects. In fact, the PEFA Secretariat recently developed and launched Guidance on how to use PEFA for fiduciary assurance (“Guidance”) with the objective of utilizing the PEFA framework for fiduciary assurance. 


The objective of this virtual knowledge event is to look at PEFA through a fiduciary lens, to explore how the “Guidance” works and to hear from development agencies on their experiences with fiduciary assurance mechanisms with the intention of greater use of country PFM systems to rout development support. 
The event will be a virtual seminar open to the public. The target audience includes staff of development partners working on PFM and / or fiduciary assurance, government officials engaging with practitioners, policymakers, academics and development partners working on PFM, governance, and fiduciary assurance.

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