Global PFM Diagnostic Tools Conference

December 12, 2023

9:00 am – 11:00 am, Washington DC Time


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The public financial management (PFM) landscape underwent significant changes in the past two decades. At the core of the changes are the emergence of diagnostic tools to support governments and other stakeholders in assessing the performance of PFM systems to embark on reforms.

The stocktaking of the development, maintenance, and use of PFM tools is one of the initiatives of the PEFA Program. The stocktaking reports published in 2011 and 2018 provided stakeholders a wider picture of the breadth and depth of available tools and their use. The report published in 2023 presents the updated spectrum of PFM diagnostic tools and their use. It is intended to contribute to increased knowledge of all stakeholders on the available PFM diagnostic tools, as well as good practices related to tool development and use. The current mapping identifies 64 PFM diagnostic tools that are grouped across four groups based on their characteristics.

PFM diagnostic tools represent an important link in the chain of strengthened approach to PFM reform. Beyond informing countries on their standing relative to underlying standards and good practice requirements in PFM, their results often shape the type and extent of PFM capacity development support received from development partners. They therefore directly affect prioritization and outcomes of PFM reforms.


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The main objectives of this conference are to present key finding, global trends, and insights from the latest Stocktaking of PFM Diagnostic Tools Report, developed by the PEFA Secretariat team, and discuss how PFM diagnostic tools could contribute to the actual development and strengthening of PFM systems at country level. It will also present opportunity to demo / introduce some of the tools.


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For additional information on the Stocktaking of PFM Diagnostic Tools Report access the PEFA Stocktaking Website.

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