Independent Evaluation of the PEFA Program Phase 3 (2004-2010) in 2011

This is the first independent assessment of the PEFA program. It was commissioned by the seven partner agencies almost 10 years after the program was launched.

The evaluation was conducted by a team of independent consultants and the findings and recommendations are based on document analysis and interviews with key stakeholders and country visits. The evaluation concluded that: “the performance of the PEFA program is a resoundingly positive one”. It welcomed the establishment of a credible performance measurement framework that had been applied over 220 times in more than 125 countries.

The PEFA Steering Committee prepared a management response to the final report, which provided comments on the evaluators' main findings and recommendations.

Evaluation of PEFA Programme 2004 – 2010 & Development of Recommendations beyond 2011 Final Evaluation Report (English)