Climate Responsive Public Financial Management Framework - PEFA Climate /Piloting Phase/

The document provides PEFA users with guidance on the application of the PEFA framework for assessing climate responsive PFM (PEFA Climate).

This version of PEFA Climate is used for piloting starting July 1, 2020 for at least one full year.

The piloting phase aims to:

(i) Refine the calibration of indicators and dimensions;

(ii) Collect countries’ practices in order to include the most relevant examples of good practices in developed and developing countries for each key subject; and

(iii) Gather information to describe the steps to be undertaken for improvement, and reference relevant technical tool kits and implementation guidance.

Versions in French, Spanish and Portuguese are currently edited and coming soon.

Final guidance will be issued once findings from piloting and additional comments received are incorporated.

Questions and comments on the present document can be sent to the PEFA Secretariat:

Contact us if your country is interested in piloting the PEFA Climate.

PEFA Climate Framework from August 4th, 2020 (English)