Other Guidance

“No score” Methodology for an Indicator or Dimension

Methodology for a detailed solution for assessors when they encounter a no scoring situation to ensure clarity and consistency of terminology and…


Calculation of Donor Indicator D1

Spreadsheets developed to assist in the calculation of donor indicator D1 (revised January 2011).


Previous Templates and Instructions for Calculating PI-1 & PI-2, January 2011

Spreadsheets to assist in the calculation of PI-1 and PI-2 (revised January 2011).


Stocktake of PFM Diagnostic Instruments

This study was commissioned by the OECD DAC Task Force on Public Financial Management, under the auspices of the Working Party on Aid…


Developing a Tool to Assess Tax Administration Performance

This study commissioned by the PEFA Secretariat, at the request of the PEFA partners, to determine the feasibility of developing a tool for…