We are getting ready to train more than 250 participants from around the world, including government officials, representatives of international institutions, PEFA assessors, and other PEFA users, on PEFA 2016 in Budapest in April 2016.

This week we piloted our newly designed PEFA 2016  training program in Washington D.C. and are now integrating the lessons we learned into a refined program to maximize its impact on our target audiences.

The PEFA training provides participants detailed information and guidance on the content and application of the PEFA framework. It focuses on the practical aspects of designing, managing, and implementing a PEFA assessment using

The aim of the training is to:

  • Provide participants detailed understanding of the PEFA 2016 framework and its key novelties;
  • Outline key stages in a PEFA assessment process
  • Stimulate discussions on using PEFA reports to support public financial management reforms and identify good practice.