Second editions of the PEFA Handbook Volume I: PEFA Assessment Process: Planning, Managing, and Using PEFA, Volume II: PEFA Assessment Fieldguide, and Volume III: Preparing the PEFA Report and the PEFA report template are now available on PEFA website. 

In the two years since the volumes were published, the PEFA Secretariat provided additional guidance to users in response to questions and requests for clarification. These clarifications and inputs from a period of public consultations of Volume I and Volume II have now been reflected in these revised versions.

The second edition of Volume I: PEFA Assessment Process: Planning, Managing, and Using PEFA, provides guidance to PEFA users and other stakeholders on the key phases and steps in the PEFA assessment process.

The second edition of Volume II: PEFA Assessment Fieldguide provides detailed measurement guidance on scoring the 31 performance indicators and 94 dimensions of PEFA 2016 Framework, including data requiremens and sources, calculations and definitions.

The second edition of Volume III: Preparing the PEFA Report expands on the PEFA 2016 Framework document by providing supplementary guidance on all components of the expected structure of the report and description of the information to be included in the report. The PEFA report template aims at helping the assessment teams in preparing PEFA assessment reports by showing how information is to be recorded and presented in the reports.

The templates for calculation of budget variances for PI-1, 2 and 3 have been updated accordingly.