The PEFA Secretariat is pleased to announce its Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Conference and PEFA Training Workshop in Dakar, Senegal, January 28 – February 1, 2019.

CONFERENCE - Jan 28 & 29 - The role of PEFA and PFM reform in improving service delivery. Governments and PEFA practitioners in the region will share lessons learned from using PEFA at both national and subnational levels. The focus will be on supporting PFM reform as an essential element for improving the quality and effectiveness of the delivery of public services. The conference will also present the results of recent research using PEFA data, which aimed to assess the impact of PFM on good governance. The event will be conducted in French and English with simultaneous translation available.

TRAINING - Jan 30, 31 & Feb 1 - Undertaking a PEFA Assessment to Support PFM Reform. The conference will be followed by a 2.5 day training using exercises, participative discussion, and case studies to build and strengthen knowledge on the planning, implementation, and use of PEFA 2016. The training is intended for government officials, development partners, PEFA consultants and other users who want to learn more about planning, managing or undertaking a PEFA assessment and supporting the implementation of PFM reform strategies or initiatives. Training will be available in English and French.