PEFA Secretariat Welcomes the Luxembourg Delegation During the WB-IMF Spring Meetings 2022


On the occasion of the 2022 World Bank (WB)-International Monetary Fund (IMF) Spring Meetings, PEFA Secretariat welcomed in its office the Luxembourg delegation led by Arsene Jacobi, Director of Multilateral Affairs and Development Aid at the Ministry of Finance, Luxembourg and Christina Bianchessi, Advisor to a WB Executive Director. The Government of Luxembourg plays a key role as one of the nine PEFA Donor Partners, supporting the PEFA program and the PFM reforms globally, with a Principal Representative Miguel Marques, Deputy Director of Multilateral Affairs and Development, Ministry of Finance.


PEFA Office Srini


The Head of PEFA Secretariat, Srinivas Gurazada, and the Senior Public Sector Specialists Helene Magnier and Tia Raapana welcomed the delegation and discussed the emerging trends in PFM and implications for PEFA Program. The next meeting of the PEFA Steering Committee will be held in Luxembourg. The visiting delegation commended the work of PEFA initiative and emphasized on the need for continuous improvement of deliverables of PEFA initiative to support countries achieve Green, Resilient and Inclusive Development through sound PFM systems. The next PEFA Steering Committee meeting, to be held in Luxembourg in June 2022.


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