The PEFA partners published the phase 4 program evaluation report. The PEFA partners welcomed the evaluation report which concluded that the PEFA program had “succeeded in reaching its original goals and the PEFA framework is being used as intended”. 

The report refers to data that shows governments use PEFA assessments as an input to their decision making regarding public financial management (PFM) reform. It notes that the more involved governments are in the PEFA assessment process, the more involved they are in setting the PFM reform agenda. More PEFA assessments are being coordinated amongst donors and there is no overlap of national PEFA assessments. 

The evaluation complies with the terms of reference and demonstrates a reasonable knowledge and understanding of the PEFA program. Nevertheless, the PEFA partners consider that caution should be exercised in relation to some of the analysis and conclusions. The PEFA partners’ full response to the evaluation recommendations and analysis is provided in a separate note, also published today.  

The final evaluation report is available on the PEFA website. The PEFA Secretariat would welcome comments and responses to the evaluation report on its social media sites: Facebook; Twitter; or LinkedIn and by email to