The PEFA Secretariat has released revised guidance on tracking progress of public financial management (PFM) performance between successive PEFA assessments where the previous assessment used the PEFA 2011 framework.

One of PEFA’s key strengths has been its capacity to track changes in PFM performance across successive assessments. While the upgraded PEFA 2016 framework aims to preserve as much comparability over time as possible, due to the changes in coverage, scope, and numbering of many of the indicators and dimension, it is not possible to directly compare scores and track performance changes between PEFA assessments that apply PEFA 2016 with assessments that used the PEFA 2011 (PEFA 2005) version of the framework. In such cases, a precise comparison between the last PEFA and the period covered by the new assessment can only be achieved by using the same version of PEFA as the last assessment.

The revised guidance presents in detail how to compare performance between a PEFA 2016 assessment and a previous assessment that used PEFA 2011 both throughout the report narrative and in a separate, supplementary annex. For more information, please refer to the PEFA website: