This training was conducted jointly by the PEFA Secretariat and AFD, with material support from CEFEB. It brought together government officials from several countries and sub national governments, including Senegal (Dakar), Benin (Cotonou), Burkina Faso (Ouagadougou), Cameroon (Yaoundé), Mauritania (Nouakchott), Niger (DGI), Togo (Cour des Comptes) and, for part of the seminar, two representatives of the IFC, one of the European Union, one of UNDP, one of AFD in Dakar. Attendees participated at the expense of their organization. In total 21 people attended all or part of the training.

The speakers were Helena Ramos, PFM expert and Charles Seibert, Senior Public Sector Specialist, of the PEFA Secretariat, Washington and Jean-Francois Almanza, Project Manager, Department of strategic management and forecasting, France / AFD. The training has benefited from the logistics by CEFEB (AFD, Marseille) represented by Mr. Patrick Chouteau and from the help of the AFD local agency. The working sessions were held at the African Centre for Advanced Studies in Management (CESAG) in Dakar, which also housed some of the participants (non-Senegalese).

In accordance with the PEFA methodology, the training process is interactive, and based on short presentations delivered alternately with exercises. It was also decided to place emphasis on exchanges and sharing of experience. In this case, three capital cities reported their recent experience of a municipal PEFA (Cotonou, Dakar, Ouagadougou). The program was generally respected, but some adjustments were made to allow more time to practical exercises. The main points of the PEFA methodology were addressed and many exchanges have taken place, much to the satisfaction of participants (cf. infra, evaluation).

The facilitators spent some of the last half day to visit the Senegalese Cour des Comptes and to answer questions made by the SAI members, at the invitation of the Embassy of France (SCAC), which previously had organized for them a 3-day training entitled The audit of performance measurement in public financial management according to the PEFA methodology.