The PEFA Secretariat conducted a regional training event for Africa in Cape Town, South Africa from November 1—3, 2017. The event was sponsored by the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development – DFID and Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs – SECO. Over 130 participants from 43 countries joined the training.  

The event was aimed at government officials and staff of development partners involved in planning, managing or undertaking a PEFA assessment and/or public financial management (PFM) reform strategies or initiatives.

The training provided participants with an overview of the PEFA 2016 framework for assessing countries’ PFM performance; set out the phases, steps, tasks and responsibilities for managing and undertaking a typical PEFA assessment process; and provided guidance on how to use the results of a PEFA assessment for PFM reform action planning, implementation and monitoring. 

The PEFA training was devoted to practical workshops, using exercises, participative discussion, online games and quizzes, and case study of Pefalia to build and/or strengthen knowledge on the planning, implementation, and use of PEFA 2016.

Over 92 percent of participants said they would highly recommend this training course to their colleagues. Participants specifically enjoyed online games, and engaging in discussions on PEFA and PFM reform in Pefalia.

Event photos

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Training Slides


Training slides Cape Town