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Highlights from PEFA Training June 28th – July 1st, 2021


In 2021 the PEFA Secretariat, PEFA Partners and clients celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the PEFA program, highlighting the achievements and new developments through a series of events.

The June 28th-July 1st, 2021 PEFA virtual knowledge event was organized as part of this initiative, inviting all interested government officials, representatives from development institutions, and PFM experts, to participate.

Srini IntroductionIt was launched by the Head of PEFA Secretariat, highlighting the importance of the event for disseminating PEFA knowledge, informing PEFA clients about the new products, and strengthening the links with all interested stakeholders.                                                                        


With overall attendance of around 500 participants,  four teams from the PEFA Secretariat delivered the trainings in 3 languages, with a rigorous 4 day-program covering PEFA 2016 Framework and the related guidance, the PEFA process, the revised guidance on how to use PEFA for subnational governments including the new service delivery module, the supplementary frameworks on  Gender and  Climate responsive PFM.


Training topics


Here are some highlights from the events.

PEFA Training in English for Asia Region:


Group 1 English

“Over 100 people attended a virtual PEFA training course from Asia over 4 days – with a very lively discussion on the topics around understanding the PEFA methodology, the assessment process and the role of different stakeholders and the use of PEFA reports for PFM improvements”

Presenters: Holy-Tiana Rame, Tia Raappana (and Guillaume Brulé for the session on PEFA for subnational governments)                                                                                                          


PEFA Training in English for Europe and Africa Regions:

Group 2“Another PEFA training in English organized to accommodate Europe and Africa time zones brought together more than 120 PFM practitioners and government officials from over 65 countries with as much interaction and lively discussions.”

Presenters: Julia Dhimitri, Richard Sutherland, Holy-Tiana Rame


Groupe de formation français:


Group 4 French

“ Les 100 professionnels de la gestion des finances publiques représentant 25 pays francophones ont partagé leur expérience sur le PEFA et l’appropriation de la méthodologie. Nombre d’entre eux préparent des évaluations PEFA et ont montré leur intérêt pour l’auto-évaluation. La présentation des nouveaux cadres de gestion des finances publiques sensible au genre et au climat a fait l’objet de questions et d’une grande attention car ces cadres répondent aux grands enjeux contemporains. ”

Présentateurs : Guillaume Brulé, Hélène Magnier


Grupo de capacitación en español:

Group 3

“Excelentes jornadas de capacitación PEFA, con la presencia de más de 80 expertos y activa intervención se realizaron cuatro intensas jornadas de entrenamiento PEFA. Gran atención y participación en todos los temas y especial interés en los nuevos productos, la nueva Guía para Evaluación de Gobiernos Subnacionales, el Módulo Complementario de GFP con enfoque de Género (PEFA Género) y el Módulo de GFP para el Cambio Climático (PEFA Clima).”

Presentadores: Helena Ramos, Antonio Blasco


PEFA Secretariat would like to thank all participants for their interest in PEFA program and new developments and for their involvement that led to numerous questions and intense discussions during all sessions of the PEFA Knowledge Event!

For any questions, feedback or comments, please E-mail us at services@pefa.org.


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