Briefly describe recent economic performance. Highlight the most important economic sectors and any recent events that have impacted on their performance (e.g., natural disasters, external economic shocks).

For SNG briefly describe the most important economic characteristics and sectors for the assessed subnational government(s).


Briefly describe recent fiscal performance—including fiscal deficit and debt—and identify recent fiscal initiatives. Complete table 1 for country fiscal data in the last two completed fiscal years (FY T refers to the last full fiscal year and FY T-1 refers to the year before FY T).

For SNG briefly describe the importance of the subnational government sector in the country’s public revenue and expenditure and identify recent fiscal initiatives in terms of allocating revenue or expenditure to the subnational sector. For a sample of SNG assessments describe the fiscal performance for each of the SNGs included in the sample and describe if the subnational government(s) is/are authorized or not to borrow or issue guarantees. Table 1 should be completed for each of the assessed SNGs’ fiscal data in the last two completed fiscal years.

Table 1.<Country> aggregate fiscal data,<T-1> to <T>

Element                                             FY T-1                          FY T
Total revenue
Own revenue
• Grants
Total expenditure
• Noninterest expenditure
• Interest expenditure
Aggregate deficit (incl. grants)
Primary deficit
Net financing
• External
• Domestic
Public debt
Ratio of public debt to GDP
For SNG, an additional table will require data on revenue and expenditure (see template in Word file at pefa.org)