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2 Develop the Concept Note/Terms of Reference (CN/TOR) 2 Develop the Concept Note/Terms of Reference (CN/TOR)

Concept note/ToR specifies:

  • Objectives, scope and coverage of the assessment
  • Size of the assessment team (number), its composition (staff, international and local consultants) and required expertise (minimum requirements in terms of skills, local knowledge), training requirements, budget, sourcing, and timetable
  • Approach and methodology
  • Management and oversight
  • QA arrangements
Assessment manager; Government, Development partners F-4 CN/TOR guidelines and template in PEFA Handbook Volume I: PEFA Assessment Process
  2.2 Peer review

The concept note is shared with the government if they are not already part of the assessment team

Four peer reviewers should be requested to review the concept note/TOR and the report (see PEFA CHECK requirements), including Government representatives and the PEFA Secretariat

Allow at least ten business days for review.

This is an essential step for the report to qualify for the process quality endorsement, PEFA check (explained in the PEFA Handbook)

Assessment manager, Peer Reviewers, PEFA Secretariat F-4

PEFA CHECK Check Guidelines (see Annex 1.2 of PEFA Handbook Volume I: PEFA Assessment Process)

  2.3 Finalize concept note/ToR

Revise concept note/TOR to address peer reviewers’ comments

Oversight team approves final concept note/ToR

Submit approved concept note/ToR to PEFA Secretariat

Assessment manager, oversight team, Government F-3 CN/TOR guidelines in PEFA Handbook Volume I: PEFA Assessment Process

Annex 1.1. Summary table: 10 steps for planning, implementing and using PEFA