Using PEFA at subnational level: example of Germany and Tunisia


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Since the first use of the PEFA assessment framework at subnational level in 2006, some 250 PEFA assessments reports have been prepared at the subnational level in 41 countries. The most recent version of the framework, PEFA 2016, has been used for 40 different SNGs in 12 countries. PEFA has been used in a wide range of SNGs, representing different tiers/layers of government and revenue (states, municipalities, regions, districts, oversea territories) for standalone assessments or coordinated assessments of several SNGs of the same country. The relevance of PEFA at subnational level has been reaffirmed by its effective use in very different contexts: in a nascent decentralized democracy such as Tunisia and an established federal state such as Germany. However, the application of the PEFA framework at subnational level may need to be strengthened by reducing costs of undertaking the assessments and adjusting the indicators to the subnational context. This is why the PEFA Steering Committee has approved the development of a more modular tool and the production of new indicators. This session will provide an overview of these developments and put them into perspective by sharing country examples.



This session will provide an update on implementation of the PEFA program at the subnational level, share lessons learned, share experiences from using PEFA country level PFM reforms and discuss planned upgrades and developments of the subnational application of PEFA. It will provide an opportunity to give feedback, share ideas and provide inputs to the future of PEFA.







Adenike Oyeyiola

Adenike Sherifat Oyeyiola

Practice Manager, Governance GP PFM and standards

Anna Bellver

Ana Bellver

Senior Public Sector Specialist, Governance GP

Jonas Parby

Jonas Ingemann Parby

Senior Urban Specialist, Urban SAR 1



Gabriele Buchholz

Mehdi El Batti

Guillaume Brule


Prof. Dr. Gabriele Buchholz

University of Applied Sciences Osnabrueck, Germany

Medhi El Batti

Financial Management Analyst, EMNGU

Guillaume Brule

Sr Public Sector Specialist, PEFA Secretariat, Governance GP PFM and standards





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