The PEFA Secretariat is seeking feedback and comments on a package aiming at enhancing the PEFA Assessment Report Format. The package comprises: (i) the revised report format for a shorter report including more visuals; (ii) the revised Volume III of the PEFA Handbook providing guidance on how to prepare a PEFA report; (iii) the introduction of Excel sheets to automate the production of the visuals; and (iv) a template for a short note to present the results of the PEFA assessment.

Following the consultation period, the package will be modified as necessary to reflect the feedback received. Concurrently, the revised format is being piloted in a number of countries including the visuals. Parties interested in piloting the latter should contact PEFA Secretariat for additional information. 

Any comments and suggestions with PEFA-Enhanced report format in the subject line should be sent to:
Jens Kristensen, Head of PEFA Secretariat at with a copy to the PEFA Secretariat services account at

The Package of documents listed below are published on PEFA website and can be downloaded here:

      1. Enhanced PEFA report format

      2. Revised Volume III of the PEFA Handbook on how to prepare a PEFA report

      3. An Excel worksheet for assessments using PEFA 2016

The assessment team leader needs to enter the score of each dimension (tab “Input…”) and to “Refresh all” under “Data”. Based on this single entry:

  • The aggregated score of each indicator will be automatically determined and respect the aggregation method (M1 or M2).
  • The summary table of scores to be inserted in the Executive summary will be populated.
  • Pre-formatted charts will be generated for different sections of the PEFA report.  

 4. An Excel worksheet for assessments using previous versions of PEFA

This worksheet works in the exact same way as explained for PEFA 2016 but allows for comparison over time when a previous version of the PEFA Framework must be used.

     5. A template for a short note to present the results of the PEFA assessment

The template builds on some of the pre-formatted visuals that have been defined.