Immediate Response to Clients Continues during the COVID-19 World Crisis


Among PEFA Program priorities is the timely communication with PEFA users, ensuring that you receive quality information and guidance, as well as adequate technical advice.

In the current difficult pandemic situation with COVID-19, the PEFA Secretariat continues to be available to provide an immediate response to inquiries and can be reached at

The PEFA Secretariat maintains data from over 15 years, including general information on the PEFA program, guidance materials and research papers, as well as reports, data and performance scores related to more than 600 PEFA assessments performed in 152 countries during that time. We also publish regular news updates covering interesting stories and events.

We receive requests for information from many different users including:

Logo   National and local government representatives

Small Logo Non-government development organizations, research institutes, professional academic and training institutions

Small Logo   Private individuals or entities, including consultants, students, and trainers

Small Logo   PEFA partners and other International and regional development and financial institutions

In September 2019 a more interactive webpage was launched with additional functionality enabling users to extract general information and publicly available PEFA reports scores and data. Social media posts have been increased   to guide users to more easily find the new PEFA guidance materials, published reports, news and events.

PEFA staff is constantly communicating with our PEFA clients through meetings, events, training, social media, but as well as answering official requests for information, submitted through the PEFA website “Contact us” link:, telephone calls, and e-mails sent to  account or individual secretariat staff.

During calendar year 2019 PEFA Secretariat received 122 official requests for information or about 10-13 requests monthly. Most requests were received during the month of February, March and May. The launch of the new PEFA website in September resulted in a decreased number of requests via e-mails as data became more accessible.   

The target turnaround for responses to emails is five working days. In calendar year 2019, 75 % of all received requests were answered within one business day and 94% within five business days.

Response time

The statistics show that the main interest of PEFA users is in PEFA reports (54%), PEFA program and guidance materials (17%)and PEFA scores (13%).

PEFA users have indicated that they need information mainly for economic analysis (30%), research (18%) and reviews (11%). Data is also widely used in presentations (10%) and reports (10%).

PEFA Data 2019

PEFA Secretariat staff continues to be available for its clients during the global crisis and wishes all PEFA friends to be safe and stay in touch!