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The PEFA Secretariat has developed a range of new products to enhance the impact and the use of the PEFA 2016 Framework.

These include:
- Volume IV of the PEFA Handbook on Using PEFA to support PFM improvement. Volume IV provides guidance on how to use PEFA assessments as part of a stakeholder dialogue to develop and sequence PFM reform initiatives. It focuses on the issues that need to be considered in developing effective reform initiatives, strategies or action plans, designed to address each country’s unique situation. The latest version of Volume IV is available here.

- A revised structure for the PEFA report. The enhanced structure aims at better communicating the main findings of a PEFA assessment with a simplified report format incorporating more visuals.

- A voluntary supplementary PEFA framework on Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB). The PEFA GRB Framework is a set of supplementary questions built on the PEFA framework to collect information on gender responsive public financial management  practices. This can be applied as part of a regular PEFA assessment, but also used as a stand-alone assessment. The latest version of the GRB Framework is available here.
- The PEFA Framework for Subnational governments. In order to better accommodate the wide range of subnational governments, adjustments have been made to some indicators and two new specific indicators have been introduced.

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