PEFA Secretariat has recently published the Stocktaking of Public Financial Management Diagnostic Tools: Global Trends and Insights (2022), launched by Ambassador Dominique Paravicini, Head of the Economic Development Cooperation, SECO.

Stocktaking report


This report is the fourth in a series of stocktaking of public financial management (PFM) diagnostic tools undertaken by the PEFA Secretariat following the reports from 2004, 2011, and 2018.


It is the most ambitious stocktaking to date and presents the updated spectrum of PFM diagnostic tools and their use. It is intended to contribute to increased knowledge of all stakeholders (governments, custodians, development partners, practitioners, and academia) on the available PFM diagnostic tools, as well as good practices related to tool development and use.



The document is in two volumes.

Volume 1 presents the PFM diagnostic tools that were available at the end of 2019, grouped in four main categories, and trends by region and income of tools usage.


Volume 2 presents the description of the tools characteristics and the tools mapped based on those characteristics.



Summary of the report and links to each tool description are available on the

Stocktaking of PFM Diagnostic Tools Website.